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What do you see here ? The homepage of Diethelm Glaser from Germany!
we were a "Patchwork-family", but my ex-wife Petra moved with
the children to another City. Now I'm alone

Dad Diethelm
it's me
04.02.1952 insurance salesman,
now pensioner
Thorsten 22.02.1982 IT-Specialist
Sven-Udo 11.12.1984 mathematician
André 08.03.1997 schoolboy
Yannick 18.11.1998 schoolboy

my english homepages

my family  
Rheinbach hometown
our hobbys: to collect stamps athletics on stamps
  window-colors from my darling Manuela
  scale-models cars, aircraft, helicopters, ships, military
  photos of Caroussels and more
  photos of nature , a lot of birds, butterflies and other animals
  photos of original aircrafts , helicopters , and ships
awards for my homepage

Diethelm Glaser

Rheinbach (if you want more, mail me)

Fax-Nr.+49 2226 912680

my hobbys:

what? description
photography Birds, animals, nature, aircrafts
Music Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple etc., BAP
films about nature  
to collect stamps of the whole World
PC (database) "MS-works" 4.5, Win-TDB/"Vario Data Publisher"
Scale models (Modelling and collecting) Car-models 1:87/90
  Aircraft-models / Helicopter-models 1:72/144
  Military-models / armour-models 1:35 (and 1:76/.87)
  ships in 1:700/720 (waterline) and 1:1,250 steel
books (Science Fiction) (all over) Perry Rhodan (70 MB Database)

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I wish you good luck and lots of fun while surfing through my websites :-)), your

Diethelm Glaser

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