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Wappen von Rheinbach Wappen von Rheinbach

Rheinbach Rhine-Bach participates a town with meanwhile over 25.000 inhabitants at the edge of the Eifel with many sights and is named also " city of schools " and " glass-city ". (here are for example 2 Gymnasien, School of Glasmanufacture, Highschool usw.).

Over 10 little villages belong to Rheinbach, next the city map of Rheinbach itself:

Stadtplan von Rheinbach please click to make it great (at the red point we are living) Anfahrtskizze von Bonn

Very intresting is the mainstreet with the old houses.

The near to Bonn, Euskirchen, Cologne, the Eifel and the Ahr and the highway (A 61) makes my hometown very interesting, we have a City-park, a Townforest and a holiday-park with swimming pool.

Every Year in autumn there is a business-show called "Rheinbacher Herbstmesse" with shopping-Sunday.

I love my hometown, but see yourself (the sites of Rheinbach).

History: Rheinbach participates over 700 years old.
Visitors can park on the " Wällen ", also the Kirmes (festival) take place there. Earlier, that was therefore a ditch, that was added, the name " Himmeroder - as well as " Prümerwall ". Before some years, many relics were restored the old city wall and fortifications as well as the course with wall-stones in the ground was indicated. The old city wall proceeded behind the Wällen and further at the primary school brook-street to the Grabenstr. and further the present-day Martinstr.bzw.Pützstr. again to the Wällens. Whoever looks at the above map exactly recognizes the circle of the city wall by the bow-course of the named streets. Old towers, the "witches" -, "Wasemer" -, "Kallentower", also testifies from the historic past still today!

Here a few of sights:
Rheinbach Titel of "Kultur und Gewerbe" 10/78 Rheinbach xmas-mainstreet Rheinbach
Fachwerkhaus in der Bachstraße
(jetzt Restaurant)
Gründer- und Technolo-
giezentrum am Stadtrand:
Gründer- und Technologiezentrum am Stadtrand

On the third Sunday in September there is a great festival, the "Rheinbacher Groß-Kirmes" with many carussels and so on.

Here a few of snapshots (click to make it great)
carussells by night Rheinbacher Kirmes Rheinbacher Kirmes
caroussel caroussel caroussel caroussel caroussel
Big wheel left Giant-wheel, at right a sight from it Riesenrad


We have also Rheinbacher Beer! And the smallest Brauhaus of the world!!
See the article from the "Rheinbacher Stadtanzeiger":

Another noteworthy fact:
Rhine-Bach participates garrison-city. And became this as one the chief in the 50er years after an application of the city. The first units moved 1957 into the huts erected by Belgian personnel-troops.

I myself participate born in the Rheinbacher hospital, my mother came from Klein-Schlebach and was active long years in the Rheinbacher administration. My father came from Mörs.
The schooldays started for me 1958 in the Rheinbacher grade school, today primary school, in the "Bach"-street, afterwards I went into the CityHigh school (today): Nelles,
NellesModehaus on the Hauptstr. (Voigtstor). There was Wolfgang Niedecken, now frontmen of the group BAP my classmate (s."Music/BAP")

In the summer, the free-bath was announced, today biotope, the new free-bath participates integrated into the halls - and leisure time-bath.
Earlier, I lived in the Weiherstr.21, had a gaze to the Kirmesplatz, where also already ' once a circus gave a guest performance. Today, I (since 1964) live in a quieter area, but still quite at the " city ", so that reaching everything well participates :-)

I will rummage about in my pictures soon once in order to compare older receptions the "new" Rheinbach". Here a reception actually the Northrop F-5 " Tiger ", but with the " old " water-tower! F-5 mit altem Wasserturm

So far as at first


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