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Here you can see our biodates:

Diethelm Glaser 04.02.1952
Thorsten Glaser 22.02.1982
Sven-Udo Glaser 11.12.1984
André Glaser 08.03.1997
Yannick Glaser 18.11.1998

Weird: The cross-sum of the dates of birhts and and months of birth

of Petra and her children (Max, André, Yannick) is always 11!

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Diethelm (ohne Bart 1991!) ich 1991

Thorsten is living in an own home, Sven-Udo is living by his mother.

at 07.03.2002 Petra leaves me with André & Yannick and go to Husum (North-Sea)

our wedding at 11. Februar 2006

group photo unsere Heirat 11. Februar 2006 Manuela and I unsere Heirat 11. Februar 2006 Ela's daugher Franziska nach der Trauung 11.2.2006


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